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Maxim's biography


He was born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


At the age of 17, Maxim moved with his parents to Germany. To get a high school diploma, he started studying without knowing the German language, and after 3 years he graduated from high school with honors, becoming one of the best in the class.


He entered the Technical University of Hanover and obtained a master's degree with honors. After graduating, he decided to try his hand in the financial sector.


He started his career at MLP Financial Services SE, in the less profitable Berlin branch.

After 6 months he became the best financial advisor and after another six months he received an offer to become a partner of MLP Financial Services SE and manage a branch in Berlin.

Meeting with Manfred Lautenschlager.

Founder of MLP Financial Services SE, Lautenshlager is the founder of one of the largest German financial companies. For many years Manfred was Maxim's mentor, he was proud of his success and appreciated their cooperation.


At 27, he became the youngest CEO of MLP SE and took over the debt obligations of the branch:

  • After 6 months he restructures the branch and assembles a new team, creates his own management and motivation system.
  • In the third year of operation, the branch starts making a profit.
  • Under Maxim's direction, the branch has been the most profitable in the company for 8 consecutive years.

In parallel with his business, Maxim trained top managers from various financial companies to build effective teams and create a profitable business.


Start taking an interest in and exploring the new digital asset and FinTech market.

Over time, he advises standard financial market clients on the digital asset market as well as fintech firms for entry into the classic financial market.

Dalai Lama

In a personal meeting with the Dalai Lama, Maxim asked: "What advice can you give me?" The Dalai Lama's response was short: "If you want something from a person, ask him".

This meeting allowed Maxim to see new facets in communicating with people.


Maxim left the partnership with MLP Financial Services SE and started a new path in the FinTech and IT industry.

Gotz Werner

Entrepreneur, professor, founder of the "dm-drogerie markt" chain of shops. He shared with Maxim his unique management approaches and team building techniques that enabled Goetz to create the largest retail chain in Germany.

He shared with Maxim his unique management approaches and team building techniques that enabled Goetz to create the largest retail chain in Germany.

"If you want to, but you can't change the conditions in which you work, go out and start your own business."

This meeting influenced Maxim's decision to create his new business.


Started the creation of one of the first retail funds (UCITS) to include digital assets, which have been approved for distribution in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Lars Riedel

Athletics athlete, 5 times world champion, European champion, Olympic champion, 11 times German champion. With this legendary man, Maxim is connected by communication and friendship.

"If you are on an Olympic podium, it won't always be like this." There is only one passage from the public favorite to the person no one needs”.

Lars has taught Maxim to take the ups and downs calmly and approach with confidence to the changes in life.


He has created and is working on an innovative regulated European finance company that advocates full legal transparency of digital assets. The project combines various solutions into a single financial chain and delivers innovative technologies to a mass audience. The structure of the company respects the best standards not only of a FinTech company, but also of the classic financial market.

He advises private and institutional investors on issues such as the prospects and risks of fintech projects and the regulation of new financial services.

From 2020

Established a major construction company for development projects in Berlin.