Maxim Bederov has more than two decades of experience in the field of financial services, particularly at MLP Financial Consulting SE, a Germany-based management consultancy for financial planning.

Maxim Bederov has been active in blockchain technology and digital assets since 2014. He founded one of the first mutual funds with digital assets in 2018. In these areas he lives out  his passion for digitalization and future-oriented technologies in perfect symbiosis with his expertise in the financial sector.

Today, he is an entrepreneur and investor in a number of top-class projects and based on his long-standing experience, has a high level of expertise in business development.

He has already proven his perseverance, endurance and willpower through his hobbies mountaineering and martial arts. As an entrepreneur and businessman, these important attributes are constantly being used to their full extent.


Finance & Investment
Digitization & Digital Assets
Perseverance & Endurance
Strength of will


I am a father, entrepreneur, IT expert, mountaineer and martial artist. I have always aimed for the best through my consistency and diligence. My harvest of the previous years has been a healthy and happy family, which gives me support in all projects,  several successful enterprises, which continue to grow and expand, as well as sufficient time, in order to live my own passion.

Despite great challenges, I mastered the grammar school with top marks!

That wasn’t always the case. When I was 17 years old, my family and I were living in Germany as refugees in a small room without any knowledge of German.  It took a lot of endurance and dedication to adapt to this new environment. However, it was clear to me that there were only two possibilities: steeply down or steeply up! Because I don’t want to give up, a few years later I graduated from grammar school as one of the best of my year.

Award for the best Managing Director in Germany

The urge to be financially independent and to realize my own ideas soon led me into the demanding financial services industry. Shortly after I was offered an outstanding leadership position, I suffered a serious car accident with three bone fractures. Again, I was faced with an important decision: To continue my hospital stay or to maintain my results at the highest level in order to finally master the career jump. At the end of 2001 I had again achieved my goal with great willpower and was one of the company’s youngest branch managers, MLP Finanzberatung SE. In the period from 2005 to 2017 I was then honoured eight times as the best Managing Director in Germany due to the far above-average results of my branch office. Of course, I owe these outstanding achievements to my family, who have fully supported me both then and now.

Meeting with Dalai Lama

Another milestone in my life was the personal encounter with Dalai Lama, which allowed me to gain deep insights of life. More than ever before, my focus was not to build my own business primarily on earning money, but to leaving a mark!

There’s no way to stop!

So I researched and developed in the field of innovative technologies and how to make them accessible and easy useable everyone. I am currently supervising a forward-looking project that is setting new standards in the FINTECH industry and I hope that you will never tire of initiating and implementing new goals for a better, happier world.



The history of money

Mussels, teeth, gold nuggets… there was no limit to inventiveness at that time to find a general means of exchange for goods of any kind. It was not until around 2,700 years ago that a revolutionary idea began which spread worldwide centuries later: embossed gold discs. Here, as today with the security features of our…

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