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The development project aims to both build and sell affordable housing for young families in the outskirts and suburbs of Berlin.

The project’s aim is to enable any client in the future to purchase a low-cost, economical flat. All of the company’s housing estates are eco-friendly, with well-developed infrastructure and close public transport stations (20 to 30 minutes to the center).


Our new project was born for the classic financial market and includes the best innovative solutions from the FinTech company.

With eighteen years of experience in the traditional financial market and seven years of experience in the FinTech market, we see the need to transform these markets.

We believe that every entrepreneur, regardless of origin and type of business, should have a connection with the classic financial market. The global development of new businesses, with companies and employees around the world, raises the question of the need for new conditions to obtain an operational bank account and international transaction services. These trends in the modern financial market require banks to change and new principles of working with clients.

We are sure that FinTech will create truly unique financial services for customers by combining the best aspects of the traditional financial sector and IT technologies. We believe that innovative technologies should be accessible, regulated and user-friendly for all.

Our goal is to combine the best practices of the traditional financial market and new technologies. Using our expertise in traditional finance and technology, our team creates products and solutions in compliance with the regulatory requirements of regulators, develops a classic industry infrastructure with reliable performance and classic market safety standards.

We are confident that the growth of the digital asset industry is only possible with financial legalization and strict regulation. Therefore, one of our tasks is to develop and implement new financial transparency standards for the services provided in this segment.