Maxim Bederov is a successful financial entrepreneur, IT expert and investor from Europe. With over two decades of experience in financial services and many years of experience in digitization, IT and blockchain technology, he initiated one of the first mutual funds with digital assets in 2018. Maxim is actively committed to the financial legalization and regulation of crypto currencies and is also working to set new standards for financial transparency through the combination of new technological innovations.


Maxim Bederov is a successful financial entrepreneur, IT expert and investor from Europe. With over two decades of experience in financial services and long-standing experience in the fields of digitization, IT and blockchain technology, he created one of the first mutual funds with digital assets in 2018. Maxim conducts a lot of lobbying for the financial legalization and regulation of cryptocurrencies. He also works on creating a digital asset exchange, a completely legal and transparent financial project.


Maxim’s first steps in the business world were initially marked by considerable obstacles due to his origins. His foreign appearance, combined with his strong accent at the time and the lack of training in the financial sector, meant that he was initially rejected by the leading financial services provider MLP Finanzberatung SE after the assessment centre due to the stereotyped nature of his appearance.

As a reaction to the rejection, Maxim didn’t give up. He waived any salary and presented himself self-confidently with all his skills. He went into advance with diligence and determination. After a short time he didn’t only became one of the best consultants, he was also given an excellent opportunity. Because of his excellent performance, he was offered the position of Managing Director.

Shortly before the start of this great opportunity, however, there was an intense blow of fate. Maxim suffered three broken bones in a serious car accident and again he was faced with an important decision: to continue his stay in hospital and to refuse the chance of advancement or to maintain his results at the highest level in order to finally master his career jump. At the end of 2001 he had achieved his goal with his enormous willpower and was one of the youngest branch managers of MLP Finanzberatung SE.

Despite debts Maxim continues to fight for his goals

Instead of resting on his laurels in this leadership position, Maxim continued to give his best with passion. The Berlin office, where he took up his management position in 2001, had a heavy debt burden at the beginning of his career, which didn’t deter him in his decision. On the contrary, he accepted the challenge of improving the results of the office and taking it to a new financial level.

Maxim receives support from his family

Only three years later, Maxim’s changes bore fruit and his office became the company’s most profitable. At that time he had a family who refused many basic comforts and wishes to support their father here.

Award as best Managing Director of the company

From 2005 to 2017, Maxim was awarded eight times as the company’s best Managing Director. The systematic success did not stop and so at 40 he had everything he could wish for. Nevertheless, he was driven by his inner passion to grow and develop further, and today he is an entrepreneur and investor in a number of high-profile projects. He is currently supervising a forward-looking project that is setting new standards in the FINTECH industry.






Social Mission

Maxim’s social mission is to improve the life of society by improving the quality of life of those around us. If we make sure that the people around us are well, we will be well.


Maxim has always had a great ambition for self-development. To earn only money was and has never been his real motivation. For him it’s important to be useful for others and to leave his mark in order to make the world a little better.

Meeting with Dalai Lama

The meeting with Dalai Lama enabled Maxim to better understand himself and other people. He learned a lot from the Dalai Lama, so Maxim has been living with the wisdom: “If you want something from a person, just ask him”.


As an innovator in the field of modern financial markets, Maxim Bederov wants to create more legality, seriousness and fairness by providing the general public with a fully-fledged bridge between the financial and crypto currency markets.

Role Models

Maxim’s greatest role model is his father. His well-known role models include visionary and founder Elon Musk, innovator and inventor Steve Jobs and disciplined marathon runner Young Cliff.