Maxim was born in 1974 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. He is married and has three wonderful children. His oldest daughter, aged 19, and his two sons, aged 14 and 4, are his pride and joy. His wife is always by his side with joy and ease.
In his youth, life was not always defined as easy. Maxim moved to Germany when he was 17 years old. Unable to understand a single word of German, he entered the eleventh grade of a high school. He knew immediately that either he would give his best or he would not graduate. Three years later, with an average grade of 1.4, he had the best Abitur result at his high school.

The desire to continue to advance and develop became more and more powerful.

On the one hand, he wanted to live out his creative streak, but on the other, he was also very interested in science. He was looking for a university subject that would best embody this combination. So, Maxim decided on studying architecture in Hanover. He only realized during his main studies that he would not achieve any goals with this study program. It became more and more clear to him that his career should not include being an employee. The desire for personal development, financial independence and to build something of his own afterwards was so great that he decided to be an entrepreneur. This decision eventually led him to the financial sector.

Maxim had the urge to leave something big behind.

First and foremost, he was inspired by the desire to develop something himself, to keep up with modern market trends and to create innovations that would leave their mark. Not for profit and personal gain, but to benefit others and make a better life possible for them.

Maxim as a role model and a true teacher for his children.

Maxim especially teaches the latter to his children, who greatly appreciate him as a teacher and learn from him all the important insights they need for a fulfilled and successful life. He acts with pure authenticity, keeps his word and is not only their father, but also their role model in all situations. Through his great wealth of experience, which he has acquired through courage and willpower, he forms the rock in the surf, whose solid foundation offers stability and support to every project. But not only does he support his family, they are also the rock in the surf for him.

Mountaineering and martial arts are Maxim’s great passion.

Mountaineering, which requires body control, strength and endurance, and martial arts, which has taught him fair fighting and a strong focus on the essentials, fascinate him again and again. Maxim has achieved incredible success in every area of his life with his goal-oriented commitment and is still far from reaching his personal peak.

Family father / Enthusiastic mountaineers & martial artists / Enthusiastic teacher



Mountaineering is like building a business

A clear view for the right handles and for the surroundings is essential to avoid landing on the ground immediately. The body must skillfully adapt to the environment. Perseverance, willpower and continuity are prerequisites for success in mountaineering and also in business.

Martial arts teaches you to fight fairly

Martial arts is not only sport for me. By fighting in the various martial arts disciplines that I have practiced over the years, I have also learned fair fighting in business. As a referee at the karate world championship in Sofia, Bulgaria, I experienced first hand how to manage a fight so that it runs with full fairness for both parties. I transfer this expertise to my day-to-day business and thus get the greatest win-win effects out of the most diverse situations.

My family is my support

My family means everything to me. They have always put their needs aside to realize my ideas. No matter what difficult times we had to go through. Only through the strength they gave me have I grown into the person I am today. I thank you with all my heart.