Self-employment: 5 decisive steps to make your dream come true

As an accomplished entrepreneur, I think one of the most frequent questions I get from enthusiasts and students is, “Maxim Bederov, from an entrepreneur’s standpoint, what steps do you think a prospective self-employed person should take for a profitable venture?” or even more personal questions like, “Maxim Bederov, I would like to start a business…

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Cash ban: Is Germany still a developing country in this regard? Who is further along than us?

Germany is definitely a developing country from a current perspective. I like to remember my last trip to China: a lady from the village has sold her home-made tartlets. Besides that, she had two phones lying. Because: The tartlets were buyable via QR code! But that is not an isolated case. If you enter a…


How crypto-exchanges could be the saviour of a scandal-hit industry

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the linchpin of the digital industry, however, based on recent incidents and scandals, some of them definitely need to clean up their act. Today, exchanges are a key part of the $300 billion USD coin-trading market’s growth, enabling investors to trade and enjoy new opportunities. However, a lack of regulation remains the…

Is it really foreseeable that there will be no more cash in the future? - Maxim Bederov

John Cryan gave cash less than 10 years a few years ago: how much longer are we still going to pay cash?

Cash is an obsolete model no matter how much we still emotionally cling to it. The fast pace of time, digitization, and the advances in artificial intelligence technology will make it unimaginable in the foreseeable future that retailers will continue to spend their money on us, and we’ll even have to go to a cash…