Crypto at critical turning point as global economy flounders under lockdown

In the middle of a global pandemic, crypto markets are at a critical turning point. While it can be difficult to think of opportunities during such a challenging time, admittedly, this may be crypto’s time to shine. While the markets rise and fall, cryptocurrency is a smart part of anyone’s portfolio rebalancing plan right now.…

Security is lacking

Blockchain applications are booming – but what about security?

More and more Businesses are opening up to the possibilities of blockchain applications. Here, of course, cryptocurrencies play a major role. There are vast opportunities to invest in this market. Investor funds for this area are increasing every day.   In order for institutional investors to put their trust in this market, the infrastructure and…


Develop cryptocurrencies on your own or together?

Cryptocurrencies seem to be establishing themselves as a serious alternative to traditional currencies. Why? Because huge companies like Facebook, with their own currency, the Libra coin, are starting to offer a serious alternative to previous payment methods. No matter whether it is dollars, euros or the British pound. This situation and the increasing spread of…

Why You Should Definitely Invest in FINTECH?

Why You Should Definitely Invest in FINTECH

What is Fintech? In the words of Maxim Bederov – a successful financial entrepreneur, finance professor and IT specialist, Fintech is an innovative technology, used by different companies, businesses and enterprises to automate, streamline and improve financial services and operations. Earlier, the term fintech was used for the back-end operations of any financial firm. However, in…

Bank of the Future

Customer Service – The Basis Of The Bank Of The Future!

The days of standard, restrictive banking services are over. Digital technologies, changes in consumer preferences and increasing competition all create formidable challenges for banks. Consumers are coming to expect convenient, multi-functional digital tools in all areas of life, including banking.   Our days are filled with on-demand apps, social media and websites to help us…