Why You Should Definitely Invest in FINTECH?

Why You Should Definitely Invest in FINTECH

What is Fintech? In the words of Maxim Bederov – a successful financial entrepreneur, finance professor and IT specialist, Fintech is an innovative technology, used by different companies, businesses and enterprises to automate, streamline and improve financial services and operations. Earlier, the term fintech was used for the back-end operations of any financial firm. However, in…

Bank of the Future

Customer Service – The Basis Of The Bank Of The Future!

The days of standard, restrictive banking services are over. Digital technologies, changes in consumer preferences and increasing competition all create formidable challenges for banks. Consumers are coming to expect convenient, multi-functional digital tools in all areas of life, including banking.   Our days are filled with on-demand apps, social media and websites to help us…

Industrial Metals

Investment tips: Industrial metals

Industrial metals, including, but limited to tin, aluminum and metallurgical coal are vital to much of the technology and infrastructure we use daily. From everyday appliances to aircraft frames, industrial metals are deeply entrenched in our lives. This high demand of industrial metals makes them an increasingly popular investment option.    Finance professional, Maxim Bederov…


What Is The Difference Between Risk And Risky Behaviour?

I’m often asked, ‘as an entrepreneur, should I be cautious or confident, do I take risks, or should I avoid them?’ Being an entrepreneur is going to require that you travel in directions that others haven’t. There is no guarantee that every investment will pay dividends, and not all of your business ventures are going…