Maxim Bederov is a successful financial entrepreneur, IT expert and investor from Europe. With over two decades of experience in financial services and many years of experience in digitization, IT and blockchain technology, he founded one of the first mutual funds with digital assets in 2018.


What does mountaineering have to do with a successful business?

Higher and higher and further. To climb the highest peak is the dream of many mountaineers. And not only mountaineers dream of it. The peak of professional success can be just as difficult to climb as the highest mountain. Character traits for a successful business Perseverance, continuity and willpower are required both for mountaineering and…


Blockchain technology – What does BaFin say?

Everyone is talking about blockchain, especially when it comes to promoting decentralised structures. But many still see the integration into existing legal systems, especially in the financial sector, as a challenge. When we think of regulation in the financial sector, we immediately think of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The most valuable task of…