I believe that the personal informs the professional, and I believe that balance leads to greater happiness and fulfillment. I am fortunate to have the career of my dreams and an amazing family.

A student and teacher for life

After moving several times and attending schools where I did not speak the language, I understood that it was up to me to rise to the occasion if I wanted to succeed in school and in life. I learned early the benefit of facing challenges head on and continually challenging myself.

After university, I followed my passion for personal development and financial independence into the financial sector and have never looked back. I encourage the next generation and my children to be authentic, to be courageous, to be innovative.

My family – my wife and three children – is my greatest gift. I also believe in the gift of the present – appreciating where you are, who you are with and what you have.

The pursuit of excellence

I appreciate both the strength of mountaineering and the discipline of martial arts in my life and I practice both regularly. These two athletic endeavors have helped me focus, achieve and excel in my personal life and in my career. Both mountaineering and martial arts teach the importance of a strong team, the power of perseverance and the need for the right tools.